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Off-Grid Cooking: 6 Ways to Cook Without Power

March 29, 2016

After a natural disaster, cyber attack, or EMP, the power grid will likely be down. Depending on the extent of the damage, the grid could be down for days, weeks, or even months. You won’t be able to use the microwave or stove, and the natural gas will likely stop flowing as well. You will need […]


Long Term Food Storage: 9 Steps to Make It Last for Years

March 16, 2016

Buying food and building up an emergency long term food storage is one of the keys to your family’s ability to survive after a major disaster. The food we regularly buy in the grocery store isn’t meant to sit around for years. Manufacturers produce the food with the intention of it being consumed almost immediately. […]


Barter System: 14 Essential Bartering Items to Stock for a Crisis

February 11, 2016

Easy DIY Aquaponics System In a catastrophe the barter system (trading goods and services for other goods and services instead of using money) will inevitably kick in. It may remain as the new form of currency for quite some time or it may only last a short while, but it is highly likely that bartering […]


22 Vital First Aid Kit Items – Don’t Miss These!

January 14, 2016

Having the right first aid kit contents can literally be the difference between life and death in a true emergency situation! When a catastrophic situation occurs, medical services often become overwhelmed and it becomes your responsibility at that point to fill the gap.If a member of your family or a neighbor is seriously injured, his/her […]


6 Ways To Purify Water In A Crisis

January 7, 2016

When it comes to survival the more ways to purify water that you know the better! Water has got to be the most essential element for survival. The average human can only live 3 days without water, fewer if the conditions are hot and you are expending more energy then average. Unfortunately, drinking contaminated water […]


12 Unusual Weapons for Home Defense

December 3, 2015

​Updated 2/17/2016In a crisis situation preparation is key. Having weapons for home defense that have a proven track record such as a firearm, a tazer, or even high quality pepper spray will give you the highest chance of survival. Even so you may find yourself in a situation without access to them. In this case, […]


7 Ways To Secure Your Home From Attackers

December 1, 2015

In 2011 “60.6 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry” according to the FBI Click to Tweet If this is the FBI’s statistic during a relatively peaceful time, what will things look like in a crisis situation where chaos abounds?  Did you know that a simple hard kick to your front door or a rock through […]


Don’t Bug-Out Without These 16 Items

November 19, 2015

A bug out bag list is important if you are serious about survival! An emergency can happen at a moment’s notice, and your bug out bag may be essential to saving your life. But what needs to be in it?  There are SO many items you could pack, but you need to be able to […]

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