Sign Language For Survival Situations

June 14, 2016
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In a disaster situation the more communication options you have the better. You never know what kind of situation you are going to find yourself in. You may need to communicate silently without giving your position away, your hearing may be compromised, or you may just need to send a secret message without others knowing what you are saying. Just learning the 26 letters of the sign language alphabet gives you a powerful tool for emergencies.

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Reasons To Learn American Sign Language:

  • You can communicate a message without others knowing what you are saying
  • You can communicate silently without giving away your position
  • You can communicate through glass
  • No one can listen in on your conversations
  • American Sign Language meets the requirement of a foreign language at many universities
  • Learning the basics of how to spell words is relatively easy

Here is a video that further explains each sign for the 26 letters of the alphabet:

This video demonstrates 100 basic signs beyond the sign language alphabet:

During a serious disaster scenario the more survival skills you've acquired the better! Communication is a critical skill that should not be overlooked. You and those you love should consider learning the basic sign language alphabet; being able to communicate through difficult situations is a critical survival skill!

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