Morse Code Alphabet – 3 Tricks for learning it quickly

July 18, 2016

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In the event of a serious crisis communication will be a challenge to say the least. You will likely have to deal with the power being out, cell phones being non operational, and the need to communicate covertly. In this kind of circumstance Morse code is a god send. It requires little to no power or technology, and very few people are able to interpret the Morse code alphabet. In this day and age Morse Code is a lost skill, yet fortunately it is very easy to learn.


Use a Good Chart Like The One Below

Morse Code Alphabet

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The above chart is based on the visual mnemonic Braden-Powell included in the Girl Guides handbook in 1918. Source:


Learn By Listening

The best way to learn the Morse Code alphabet is by listening and tapping out the letters. This video taps out the letters for you. First listen and become familiar with the letters, then practice typing out common words and phrases.


Learn The Following Jingle

Our brains have an amazing ability to remember catchy tunes. Leverage that ability and learn the following jingle. I admit it is pretty cheesy! But it really does get stuck in your head. That may work great for you (or you may want to kill me after listening).

​In the event of a serious crisis, communication skills will be critical to survival.  Morse Code gives you the ability to communicate over long distances and doesn't require advanced technology, making it one of the most valuable communication skills to learn for a disaster.

Fortunately, the Morse Code alphabet is really not that difficult to learn. When you think about it you only have to learn 26 letters. In a crisis, the payoff for those 26 letters could mean life or death!

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