Best Composting Toilet – 1 Bag of Peat Moss Lasts 2 Years

Best composting toilet I have seen so far! In fact, this design is so efficient that 3 cubic feet of peat moss (one big bag) will last 2 years for 2 people using the toilet everyday!

Other Highlights about the BoonJon composting toilet:

  • This toilet is a urine diverting toilet (as a result you won’t have to dump the compost as often, and the compost is not as messy)
  • It uses virtually any type of wood shavings, corncob litter, coco growing media, pine pellets or peat moss
  • It’s designed so that by turning a crank your waste material is automatically buried in the wood shavings instead of adding more shavings on top. As a result it uses far less wood shavings or peat moss.

Related facts:

  • Black Soldier Flies can be used to reduce your resulting compost pile (from your toilet) as fast as you add to it
  • Approximately 99% of human waste is water

The BoonJon composting toilet system can be found at