DIY Composting Toilet for under $30

This video shows how simple a DIY Composting Toilet project can be.  If you decide to go with a composting toilet this project can save you quite a lot of money, since composting toilets often cost in the $500-$600 range.

Materials List:

​55 gallon food grade barrel

Peat Moss​ / Wood Shavings

Black Drainage Pipe​

​Coffee Can

3/4 inch plywood / particle board

90 degree "L" brackets

Toilet Seat

Important Tips:

  • The easiest and cheapest way I have found to purchase 55 gallon food grade barrels is through You can usually find them for under $20. I even found someone who delivered them in my area.
  • Materials other than peat moss that are commonly used as a compost are wood shavings, corncob litter, coco growing media, and pine pellets.
  • Black Soldier Flies work incredibly well for reducing your compost pile (wherever you dump your barrel). In fact I've seen someone report that they eliminated their compost pile as fast as they added to it.
  • After dumping the barrel only put enough peat moss in to just cover the bottom (about an inch). This will maximize the time you have until you need to dump the barrel again. It also conserves your peat moss.
  • Only use one scoop of peat moss to cover your waste, for the same reasons as above.

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